30 Minute Workouts For People Too Busy To Workout

Introducing Our Proprietary 3-6-9 Method LA's Only Fitness Coaching Program Specifically Designed for The Unique Needs of Busy Professionals and Parents.


There Are Dozens Of Fitness & Weight Loss Programs .... But Only One of Them Is Specifically Designed and Equipped To Cater To The Unique Needs Of Busy Professionals... In 30 Minutes You Are In And Out

Carefully Planned Workouts By Certified Personal Trainers In Fully-Equipped Private Studio or Remote Coaching (Training) Promises Better Results In Just A Fraction Of The Time You'd Spend At A Gym

Welcome to LA's only fitness program designed specifically for busy executives and working professionals.   You’ve dedicated your time to building a successful career, so fitness has always taken a back seat.  Let me take the wheel and guide you on your fitness journey so you can build your dream body while continuing to focus on your career.

Every professional knows that optimal performance demands optimal health. To get on top and stay on top, you have to be able to take care of yourself so that you can stand the pressures that you're faced with every day.  Too many people pay a high price in their profession without taking care of themselves, and in the end, their work suffers, and their health deteriorates.  They start to be less productive, they suffer "burnout" and depression, they have difficulty sleeping, they gain weight, and their immune system starts to break down.  If unchecked, they're on their way to an early heart attack or stroke.   

This doesn't make sense. Why don't these smart over-achievers take care of themselves?

The most common answers are a lack of time, and that working out is too inconvenient. 

If you are too busy to take care of yourself, then consider why LA busy professionals call Sayon Fitness the ultimate workout solution for busy professionals. 

If you're willing to make the commitment & put in the work, then we are ready when you are.

In good health,

Marco Sayon, Owner


WE take all the guesswork out of living a fit lifestyle. Focus on business and we'll focus on the rest.

Get In & Out Fast--Convenient, Effective, Personalized Workouts

30 Minute Workouts

We use the latest in exercise science to get you maximum results in minimum time. Utilizing scientifically proven interval training methods, Tabata training methods, and heart rate technologies.

Professionally Designed Personalized Programs

Anyone can create a workout.  Especially, with the resources available online today.  However, the human body is not like an automobile or your computer.  You can’t just jump on the web and find “repair instructions” and get the outcome you want.  The human body is very unique from one person to another, so naturally a one-size fits all exercise program will only get average results -if any.  

Professional Coaching

ANYONE CAN PRESCRIBE A WORKOUT OR NUTRITION REGIMEN, FOLLOWING IT IS THE DIFFICULT PART.  The true difference between our services and those of the typical gym environment is rooted in accountability.  At Sayon Fitness, we believe that an ongoing, dedicated relationship with a Fitness Consultant is key to achieving weight loss, strength, flexibility, and better health.


Marcos Sayon B.A. CES, CPT, NASM

Owner & Fitness Consultant

National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer.

Additional NASM Specialist  Certifications:
Corrective Exercise Specialist Advanced Specialization
Optimum Performance Training For Fat Loss
Optimum Performance Training for the Prenatal Client
Optimum Performance Training for the Youth Client
Diet Design Nutrition Certification from Peak Wellness

"One word: Results. I started working with Marcos in August and by November I had dropped 20 pounds, 5% body fat, 3 inches around my waist and gained immeasurable confidence. My favorite was when a friend of mine recently said “I wanna bounce quarters off your butt!” : )"

Bonnie L

"I have seriously struck gold! I have never had such hands-on training, not to mention incredible results. After just one month I’ve lost 2″ around my waist and feel amazing. I feel super toned and my energy levels are through the roof. Let me give a breakdown: I take morning sessions. My initial thoughts were, “Only 30 minutes?”, “Only three days a week? How’s that supposed to work?” The man knows what he’s doing. My absolute favorite part about Sayon Fitness is the environment. The people that take his sessions are all like a big family, and they are so happy to bring in new members. No ego. No attitude. It’s so refreshing. Seeing the results in the way your clothes fit, the way you look in the mirror and the words of praise from your significant other are all fantastic, but seeing it on a measuring tape and comparing those results to the previous ones is sososo satisfying. I truly recommend Sayon Fitness to anyone, anywhere. It’s just fantastic!"

Natasha I.

"There is no other gym that I have ever been to that has given me such a challenging workout. It cannot get any better than 30 minutes of hard work with a personal trainer. It's been 4 weeks and I have noticed inches falling off and I have lots of energy throughout the day and feeling strong. Love the fact that every workout is different and never boring; there is always a challenge. "No Pain no Gain". My family is in shock to see how motivated I am to wake up at 5 am to workout. Love this place."

Rosie Rodriguez Arechiga

"I never take the time to write reviews (actually this is only my 3rd review in the years I have used Yelp) but I feel yelp users need to know about how awesome Sayon Fitness is. I get bored easily with gym. I have tried several different fitness classes including barre classes. I have never been so consistent with my workout routines until now! The exercises are always different, targeting different muscle groups so there is no way for you to get bored with routine. I also appreciate that during your workout you can monitor your heart rate and after each class you can see how many calories you have burned. I can’t say enough about Sayon Fitness. Marcos is a great trainer, he listens to your needs and is motivated to make sure you stay on track to achieve your goals. I signed up for a year. I can’t wait to give an update review! In just five weeks I feel stronger and I have received compliments that I look more toned. I feel amazing and I know that Sayon Fitness will help me achieve my fitness goals. I would recommend Sayon Fitness to anyone and guarantee that Marcos can help you achieve any of your fitness goals!"

Cynthia R.

"I’ve never really been the type to commit to a fitness plan, but since I am getting married next year, I decided to look for a trainer that could whip me into shape. I signed up to Sayon Fitness about 3 months ago after reading all the awesome reviews, and its been one of the best decision I’ve made! Before Sayon Fitness, there was no gym or workout that could keep me motivated. Its amazing how much gets done and how many calories get burned in those 30 minutes. The gym itself is clean and packed with all the equipment you need. Marcos, the trainer, is professional and and genuinely invested in your fitness goals. I can already see the changes in my body since Ive started working out at Sayon Fitness. I highly recommend this gym. Marcos is an awesome trainer!!! . I plan to continue training with him even after the wedding!!"

Evelyn C.

"I came to Sayon fitness after giving birth to my first baby. I felt overweight and worried that I would never get back in shape. In just 3 months I’ve gotten myself back into my pre-pregnancy clothes and I’m still shedding the weight. I have always been skeptical of trainers but Marcos proved me wrong. Not only was I over weight I had never really worked out a day in my life. Marcos was patient and gave me the confidence I needed. I would never ever trade in my trainer!!!!!"

Irma B.

"My husband and I have been going to Sayon fitness for more than a year. Marcos really cares about his clients we couldn't have gotten in the shape we are in if it wasn't for Sayon fitness. My husband has a very physically demanding job his ability in strength has improved a lot since going to Sayon fitness. We love it it fits with our schedule and we are satisfied with the results."

Rose Portugal

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This guide is for people who want to be in better shape, but feel they’re too busy, or that other exercise and diet programs haven’t worked, or even those who are just looking for a fitness program that’s created just for them.

It answers questions like: Where can I find out about exercise programs for busy professionals that actually work? What do they cost? Where can I get the facts?

This 12-page booklet tells you a simple way to see if any diet or exercise plan will work, and show you what busy people should do for exercise, and how they can get the maximum benefit from time spent exercising. It also explains how to know if a personal trainer can help you, what to look for in qualified personal trainers, exactly how they can help you, and how to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Did you know why people set fitness goals and fail to achieve them? That’s in here, too. Plus a list of proven ways to break that cycle.  You’ll also find information on how you can even get free, personalized workout advice from Sayon Fitness trainers