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To fully understand the difference a personal trainer can make in a workout experience and in measurable results, you have to experience the Sayon Fitness program yourself.

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There Are Many Benefits to One-on-One Personal Training, But The Most Important Benefit of All Is Results

One of The Only Truly Guaranteed Ways to Finally Get Back in Shape.

There are many benefits to a one-on-one personal training program: a true focus on the goals and outcomes of our clients, privacy, the assurance of efficient and safe exercise, and the execution of a program that is designed specifically for you. 


Like many things in life, if you put in time, discipline and hard work into your body, you will see results. Because our Fitness Consultants excel at personal program design and accountability, they can keep you progressing towards your goals. Working one-on-one in our private studios, they make small, incremental changes that keep you fresh, inspired and prevent you from hitting a plateau.


The true difference between our services and those of the typical gym environment is rooted in accountability.  At Sayon Fitness, we believe that an ongoing, dedicated relationship with a Fitness Consultant is key to achieving weight loss, strength, flexibility, and better health.


As your coach, mentor and biggest fan, our Fitness Consultants are there to provide accountability, helping ever advance your goals.


Colleague. Coach. Teacher. Consultant. Our team of experts aren’t just “personal trainers,” they are degreed, certified, and experienced Fitness Consultants. They hold degrees, certifications as well as undergo a rigorous in-house training program where they become experts at helping people achieve their goals. Your Fitness Consultant will ensure your success.

The Key to You Success is Personal

Personal Attention

Many trainers stand by your side during your session, but we believe in being hands-on – physically showing you proper technique, guiding your arms, legs and hands through the proper motions. If you are new to exercise, you’ll appreciate the education, and if you are already accustom to fitness, you’ll gain a new appreciation in the proper movements and techniques – and you’ll feel the difference!

Personal Program Design

Personal training is helpful for any person. But personal program design is critical to your success. Any trainer can take you through a generic workout, but our Fitness Consultants craft a comprehensive personal program that is based on your fitness assessments and goals. Preplanning each session for 6 months, we’ll craft a minute-by-minute workout for you that will keep you progressing towards your goals.

Personal Training Suite

At Sayon Fitness, private personal training clients are busy, and value their privacy. The typical gym environment means waiting for machines and feeling like people are watching you workout – or worse yet, in the locker room! At Sayon Fitness, our personal approach goes a step further with our fully equipped, completely private training studio. There’s no waiting. No peer pressure or intimidation. It’s small and inviting environment that makes it easy to get in, get out, save time, enjoy your time here, and get the results you expect.

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What to Expect

Here’s what you can expect when starting your Private Personal Training Program.

As a personal training client, you’ll learn a lot about your personal health and fitness during your first visit. We will:
• Explain the philosophies behind our methods

• Perform a Chronic Pain Review
• Guide you through an introductory workout
• Perform a Goals Assessment and Fitness Consultation

After you’ve enjoyed your initial visit, it’s time to get to work crafting a custom fitness program. We’ll help you choose your private personal training session schedule based on availability and what best fits your schedule. We will:

1. Review your fitness plan summary with our entire team of experts

2. Perform a fitness analysis documenting your:

• Body fat/lean Analysis
• Circumference ratios
• Strength tests
• Medical history

3. Create a Fitness Report, a baseline to measure your future successes

4. Review your report with you

5. Assign you a personal fitness coach to aid in accountability

6. Design a customized program to achieve your fitness goals

To produce results, we set a goal of attending three-four sessions per week. Each personal training session changes through out the week to address specific fitness goals and muscle groups.  Additionally, your workouts will change each month and adjusted based on ongoing fitness assessments and results measurement.  This is key to keeping the body physiologically adapting to change helping you avoid the dreaded plateaus and keep you psychological motivated as well!  Through the use of technology, we also help you plan and track your fitness regimen when you are in and out of your sessions.

Exercise alone can only produce so many results. To help you reach your goals faster and more efficiently, included in your personal training program is our nutrition coaching. A review of supplements, we help you achieve maximum health and fitness.  Private personal training clients often use this program to challenge each other to perform at a higher level.

Every 2-4 weeks, you’ll meet with your personal fitness coach, one-on-one to review your goals and progress. If necessary, your program design and goals will be adjusted to keep you motivated and successful. This element of accountability, measurement and refinement of our customized fitness program design is unique to the Sayon Fitness philosophy.

"I signed up because my wife wanted a place where we can both work out, lose weight, and build muscle without having to go the gym where I would seemingly just waste time and money. So we decided to try this place out instead of the gym. Greatest decision I’ve made concerning working out. I’ll start with Marcos, the trainer. He is a great leader who knows how to push you and when to push–very motivational. His goal is to help you reach your goal, not push his own agenda. And he does that in an extremely comfortable way that is curtailed to your needs. He figures out a meal plan based on what you tell him about your eating habits, and he adjusts the food program accordingly, and helps you reach your goals. This guy has changed the way I think about eating and working out. He is very approachable and not intimidating at all. When you have questions he is more than willing to answer and give you his best opinion. Next, the program itself is fairly simple and very effective. I came from the idea of working out in LA fitness for at least 45 minutes (4-5 times a week) using machines. Two years showed little to no results. Then, my wife found Marcos and his program. 3 times a week for 30 minutes of high intense interval training (with weights limits just for my needs). And in the first month I lost 9 lbs. I, of course, had to change my diet to get results–but nothing life changing really, but with his help and guidance I lost the weight. The idea behind his training is with the heart monitor. He wants to measure your heart rate going up and down, which basically can help prevent the body from hitting a “plateau” as it would in a gym. This “up-and-down” heart rate helps burn calories. May sound complex, but with a heart monitor it is not. The work out itself is 30 minutes with about 4-5 minute intervals (1 minute or so break in between intervals) of either cardio or muscle building. Workouts are never the same, and thus we never get bored. Also, he never requires too much. If I feel sick/tired/injured, he backs off. If he sees I can do more, he motivates me to do so. He believes in group work outs because this does help motivate people to try harder, especially if you see others giving their best (I know this does not work for some so he does offer private training). The group is usually no more than 6-7 people, so far. Honestly, had I known about this type of program years ago, I would have stopped all the gym membership stuff and just gone straight here. He does monthly measurements to make sure progress is being made. Now, someone out there might be looking for something negative. Hard to find fault with a guy who knows his stuff when it comes to training, so no negatives here. He offers a semi-flexible schedule and of course private training. Park in the new structure located between Garfield and First St, north of Main St. Essentially, if you have “tried everything” and you are not losing weight or you aren’t gaining muscle, try this program out for at least 3 months. This program is for both genders, people of all ages and all sizes. My clothes fit better and I am not as tempted as much to snack or eat junk food. Every day after a long day at work, though I may not want to go, I am always glad I went to go work out."

Jim F.

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