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Get The Best of Both Worlds: Combine Community Motivation With Personalized Workouts and Expert Instruction to Accelerate Your Results!

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Be Part of a Supportive Community, Without Getting Lost in The Crowd

There is Strength in Numbers and Our Semi-Private Personal Training Proves it!

Personal training doesn’t necessarily have to mean one-on-one, it means personal to you and to your goals. In the spirit of redefining personal training, we’ve designed our Semi-Private Personal Training program for those who enjoy the group environment, but still appreciate a focused attention from our Fitness Consultants. 

Clients love our semi-private personal training groups because they get a highly personalized program that specifically designed to help them achieve their goals, prevent injury, address strength and flexibility imbalances, but get the camaraderie and motivation of like minded busy professionals. There’s no more than four-six participants in each semi-private personal training session, so you will more easily get the personal attention of one of our experts to ensure each and ever exercise is safe and effective. 

Community Motivation + Personalized workouts + Expert Instruction = Accelerated Results.

Bring a few friends or co-workers and form your own Semi-Private Personal Training session time, or choose from a variety of groups already in session at Sayon Fitness. You’ll find the excitement, energy and accountability you’ve experienced in other “group fitness” classes, but that we’ve taken it to another level by employing customization and our unique Sayon Fitness philosophy.


As your coach, mentor and biggest fan, our Fitness Consultants are there to provide accountability, helping ever advance your goals.


Colleague. Coach. Teacher. Consultant. Our team of experts aren’t just “personal trainers,” they are degreed, certified, and experienced Fitness Consultants. They hold degrees, certifications as well as undergo a rigorous in-house training program where they become experts at helping people achieve their goals. Your Fitness Consultant will ensure your success through.

Get a Free Introductory Session & Consultation

Find Out Exactly What's Stopping You From Hitting Your Health & Fitness Goals, Get A Personalize Plan For Hitting Those Goals, and A Recommendation For Which Program Is Best For You.

Our Purpose is to Help Our Clients Achieve & Maintain Optimal Health & Fitness Through a Process That Includes:



We perform a comprehensive functional and performance assessment. This assessment process assesses your muscular strengths and weaknesses, flexibility/mobility strengths and weaknesses, postural assessment, body composition, and specific performance tests based on your goals.


It’s simple, anyone can create a workout.  Especially, with the resources available online today.  However, the human body is not like an automobile or your computer.  You can’t just jump on the web and find “repair instructions” and get the outcome you want.  The human body is very unique from one person to another, so naturally a one-size fits all exercise program will only get average results -if any.  In fact, an unqualified personal trainer could do more damage than good.


Once we know what you want, we put together a exercise plan that is guaranteed to achieve your goal.

After we complete your health and fitness, we develop a customized plan based on these finding.  Even if your goal is to lose weight or run faster, we develop our programs to improve how your body functions and decrease the likely-hood of current or future injury.  We do this by designing your exercise program to address muscle imbalances, whether it’s an imbalance of strength, flexibility/mobility or postural.  Simultaneously, we make sure to select the right exercises, modalities, sets, reps, tempo’s and rest periods to get the exact physiological responses and adaptions we want to achieve your goals.  Whether it’s weight loss, adding muscle or muscle tone, jumping higher, running faster or throwing harder, our program design and instruction will get your there faster. 


We take pride in staying at the cutting edge of the latest science regarding health, exercise science, and nutrition.  Our personal trainers stay up to date on the latest research conducted by the National Strength and Conditioning Associations (NSCA) and we regularly look for opportunities to partner with local colleges and universities to conduct new research.  Additionally, our staff is required to complete continuing education credits to maintain their certifications either through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, American Council on Exercise, NSCA, or American College of Sports Medicine.


As coaches we ensure that each exercise is done properly. We avoid injuries and maximize the benefit of each motion.  We also ensure that you do the right amount of each exercise; too little won’t bring about change, and too much will slow down your rate of improvement.

According to a study conducted by Virginia Polytech University, when you add weekly accountability to an exercise program, you are increasing the likelihood of sticking to your exercise program by 2200%!  There is no better form of accountability than having a trained Sayon Fitness Coach on your schedule each week and waiting for you with a personalized plan designed for your success.  You see, a personal coach is the real secret to your success and finally getting the results you’ve always wanted!


Every 2-4 weeks (depending on your program) we conduct a goal review session and review your comprehensive fitness or performance report that will show your progress relative to your goal.  During this review, we set new benchmarks and goal achievement plan for the next 6-8 weeks.

We also implement in session result measurements like heart rate and work capacity technologies.  This immediate feedback allows the client to measure their effort levels and optimize based on program recommendations.  It also creates motivation to achieve new levels of performance in each session.  A key to getting maximum results in minimum time.

"There will NEVER be enough words to describe how Sayon Fitness has changed my life.Before joining Sayon Fitness I was extremely overweight and could not run one lap if my life depended on it. Doing 10 jumping jacks in a row was a mission in itself. My self esteem was on the floor and didn’t have thrill for life and my body and energy showed for it. At Sayon Fitness not only did I meet an amazing trainer but also a family that encourages me day by day to reach my goal and today I feel better than i have EVER felt in my life...."

Gladis O.
Case Manager

What to Expect

Here’s what you can expect when starting your Semi-Private Personal Training Program.

As a personal training client, you’ll learn a lot about your personal health and fitness during your first visit. We will:
• Explain the philosophies behind our methods
• Orient you with the private studio environment

• Perform a Chronic Pain Review
• Guide you through an introductory workout
• Perform a Goals Assessment and Fitness Consultation

After you’ve enjoyed your initial visit, it’s time to get to work crafting a custom fitness program. We’ll help you choose your private personal training session schedule based on availability and what best fits your schedule. We will:

1. Review your fitness plan summary with our entire team of experts

2. Perform a fitness analysis documenting your:

• Body fat/lean Analysis
• Circumference ratios
• Strength tests
• Cardiovascular tests
• Flexibility/mobility assessment
• Medical history

3. Create a Fitness Report, a baseline to measure your future successes

4. Review your report with you

5. Assign you a personal fitness coach to aid in accountability

6. Design a customized program to achieve your fitness goals

To produce results, we set a goal of attending three-four sessions per week. Each personal training session changes through out the week to address specific fitness goals and muscle groups.  Additionally, your workouts will change each month and adjusted based on ongoing fitness assessments and results measurement.  This is key to keeping the body physiologically adapting to change helping you avoid the dreaded plateaus and keep you psychological motivated as well!  Through the use of technology, we also help you plan and track your fitness regimen when you are in and out of your sessions.

Exercise alone can only produce so many results. To help you reach your goals faster and more efficiently, included in your personal training program is our nutrition coaching. Featuring 6 helpful training modules, a grocery store food education tour, and a review of supplements, we help you achieve maximum health and fitness.  Private personal training clients often use this program to challenge each other to perform at a higher level.

Every 2-4 weeks, you’ll meet with your personal fitness coach, one-on-one to review your goals and progress. If necessary, your program design and goals will be adjusted to keep you motivated and successful. This element of accountability, measurement and refinement of our customized fitness program design is unique to the Sayon Fitness philosophy.


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