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Natasha I.

I have seriously struck gold! I have been training with Marcos for a little over a month and feel I am definitely ready to write my review. I have never had such hands-on training, not to mention incredible results. After just one month I’ve lost 2″ around my waist and feel amazing. I feel super toned and my energy levels are through the roof. Let me give a breakdown: I take morning sessions. I start at 6am and his sessions are 30 minutes long. He recommends 3 sessions per week but no more than that. My initial thoughts were, “Only 30 minutes?”, “Only three days a week? How’s that supposed to work?” The man knows what he’s doing. My absolute favorite part about  Sayon Fitness is the environment. The people that take his sessions are all like a big family, and they are so happy to bring in new members. No ego. No attitude. It’s so refreshing. I also love that there are no mirrors in the the studio. Us women can get a bit distracted with our looks rather than using that energy for our workouts, so that’s not a problem there. When I say that Marcos is hands-on, I mean it. He pushes you beyond what you think you might be capable of. He sees your potential and he wants you to see it, too. I have surprised myself countless times when I have really pushed myself through the workouts with his encouragement. IT’S NO CAKE WALK, however. He designs his workouts to push you to your max in the allotted 30 minutes. Another nice touch is that he offers to check your measurements once a month. Seeing the results in the way your clothes fit, the way you look in the mirror and the words of praise from your significant other are all fantastic, but seeing it on a measuring tape and comparing those results to the previous ones is sososo satisfying. I truly recommend Sayon Fitness to anyone, anywhere. It’s just fantastic!

Gladis O.

There will NEVER be enough words to describe how Sayon Fitness has changed my life.Before joining Sayon Fitness I was extremely overweight and could not run one lap if my life depended on it.  Doing 10 jumping jacks in a row was a mission in itself.  My self esteem was on the floor and didn’t have thrill for life and my body and energy showed for it.  At Sayon Fitness not only did I meet an amazing trainer but also a family that encourages me day by day to reach my goal and today I feel better than i have EVER felt in my life.

The workouts are amazing, you will never get the same workout done twice, which for me is a plus because I tend to get bored very easily.  The quote “no pain no gain” is something that never made sense to me until now.  Everyday i’m sore from the crazy yet fun workouts that we do.  Workouts such as supermans, frog jumps, burpees, mountain climbers, push ups or squats are something that I never in a million years thought i could do.  The feeling I have after every workout is an “I hate it but I love it feeling”.

Thanks to Sayon Fitness I am  now 40 lbs lighter and training to run my first 1/2 marathon within a couple of months.  I honestly do not see myself without Sayon Fitness anymore.  Completely worth the investment!!!

Rosendo R.

After trying out different fitness spots and working out on my own at the gym. I have come to the conclusion that Sayon Fitness has given me the greatest results with 30 minute workouts.Marcos Sayon will teach you high intensity workouts that will  strengthen your core and will get you a  flatter stomach, tighter arms , and toned legs.  If your looking to tone your muscles and burn fat Sayon Fitness is the place for you.Going to Sayon Fitness has decreased my  body fat, strengthen my core, and has also allowed me to have a high intensity workout in 30 minutes. So stop wasting 2 hours at the gym and get better results in 30 minutes.

Cynthia R.

I never take the time to write reviews (actually this is only my 3rd review in the years I have used Yelp) but I feel yelp users need to know about how awesome Sayon Fitness is. I was recently looking for a new fitness regimen to help me tone/lose weight for my upcoming wedding. I get bored easily with gym. I have tried several different fitness classes including barre classes. I have never been so consistent with my workout routines until now! The exercises are always different, targeting different muscle groups so there is no way for you to get bored with routine. I also appreciate that during your workout you can monitor your heart rate and after each class you can see how many calories you have burned. I have learned that monitoring really helps you stay motivated and stay consistent. I can’t say enough about Sayon Fitness. Marcos is a great trainer, he listens to your needs and is motivated to make sure you stay on track to achieve your goals. I signed up for a year. I can’t wait to give an update review! In just five weeks I feel stronger and I have received compliments that I look more toned. I feel amazing and I know that Sayon Fitness will help me achieve my fitness goals. I would recommend Sayon Fitness to anyone and guarantee that Marcos can help you achieve any of your fitness goals! 

Jim F.

I signed up because my wife wanted a place where we can both work out, lose weight, and build muscle without having to go the gym where I would seemingly just waste time and money. So we decided to try this place out instead of the gym. Greatest decision I’ve made concerning working out.
I’ll start with Marcos, the trainer. He is a great leader who knows how to push you and when to push–very motivational. His goal is to help you reach your goal, not push his own agenda. And he does that in an extremely comfortable way that is curtailed to your needs. He figures out a meal plan based on what you tell him about your eating habits, and he adjusts the food program accordingly, and helps you reach your goals. This guy has changed the way I think about eating and working out. He is very approachable and not intimidating at all. When you have questions he is more than willing to answer and give you his best opinion.
Next, the program itself is fairly simple and very effective. I came from the idea of working out in LA fitness for at least 45 minutes (4-5 times a week) using machines. Two years showed little to no results. Then, my wife found Marcos and his program. 3 times a week for 30 minutes of high intense interval training (with weights limits just for my needs). And in the first month I lost 9 lbs. I, of course, had to change my diet to get results–but nothing life changing really, but with his help and guidance I lost the weight. The idea behind his training is with the heart monitor. He wants to measure your heart rate going up and down, which basically can help prevent the body from hitting a “plateau” as it would in a gym. This “up-and-down” heart rate helps burn calories. May sound complex, but with a heart monitor it is not. The work out itself is 30 minutes with about 4-5 minute intervals (1 minute or so break in between intervals) of either cardio or muscle building. Workouts are never the same, and thus we never get bored. Also, he never requires too much. If I feel sick/tired/injured, he backs off. If he sees I can do more, he motivates me to do so.
He believes in group work outs because this does help motivate people to try harder, especially if you see others giving their best (I know this does not work for some so he does offer private training). The group is usually no more than 6-7 people, so far.
Honestly, had I known about this type of program years ago, I would have stopped all the gym membership stuff and just gone straight here. He does monthly measurements to make sure progress is being made.
Now, someone out there might be looking for something negative. Hard to find fault with a guy who knows his stuff when it comes to training, so no negatives here. He offers a semi-flexible schedule and of course private training. Park in the new structure located between Garfield and First St, north of Main St.
Essentially, if you have “tried everything” and you are not losing weight or you aren’t gaining muscle, try this program out for at least 3 months. This program is for both genders, people of all ages and all sizes. My clothes fit better and I am not as tempted as much to snack or eat junk food. Every day after a long day at work, though I may not want to go, I am always glad I went to go work out.


Rosie Portugal

I have been going to Sayon fitness for more than a year me and my husband both go.  Marcos really cares about his clients we couldn't have gotten in the shape we are in if it wasn't for Sayon fitness.  My husband has a very physically demanding job his ability in strength has improved a lot since going to Sayon fitness.  We love it it fits with our schedule and we are satisfied with the results.

Rosie Rodriguez Arechiga

There is no other gym that I have ever been to that has given me such a challenging workout.  It cannot get any better than 30 minutes of hard work with a personal trainer.  It's been 4 weeks and I have noticed inches falling off and I have lots of energy throughout the day and feeling strong. Love the fact that every workout is different and never boring; there is always a challenge.  "No Pain no Gain".  My family is in shock to see how motivated I am to wake up at 5 am to workout. Love this place.

Sandy M.

Before Sayon Fitness, no gym membership in the world could get me to stay motivated though I was paying money every month to gyms that served me no purpose. I knew that something needed to change and that was the day I heard about Sayon Fitness. I started Sayon Fitness probably like most people, through its promo deal. But a week into it, I already know that I would sign up for the membership. Good bye LA Fitness! Marcos is a phenomenal trainer! He is constantly changing things up and pushing you to do the best. Its high intensity workout with a variety of exercises and training techniques will definitely shock your body out of any plateau. And although I go with group workouts, I always feel like I’m getting a lot of one on one attention. Regardless of your fitness level or fitness goal, you will not be disappointed with what you’ll get out of Sayon Fitness!
PS: What makes this gym the hidden gem of Alhambra is the atmosphere. Everyone treats each other like family. There is definitely no other gym that I can call “home”.

Irma Bello

I came to Sayon fitness after giving birth to my first baby. I felt overweight and worried that I would never get back in shape. In just 3 months I’ve gotten myself back into my pre-pregnancy clothes and I’m still shedding the weight. I have always been skeptical of trainers but Marcos proved me wrong. Not only was I over weight I had never really worked out a day in my life. Marcos was patient and gave me the confidence I needed. I would never ever trade in my trainer!!!!!

Cindy N.

My review is really way overdue, time really flies…Its been a year since I’ve started training with Marcos! I knew after the first month training with him that it was one of the best investments I’ve ever made for myself. I work 6 days a week and 65 hours each week, which leaves no time to eat my meals on time let alone fit in a workout…in other words = unhealthy eating habits, weight gain, and lazy to do anything active. Since Sayon Fitness offered a workout of 30 mins = 1-2 hours at the gym I felt it was worth a shot. Of course, I was skeptical about 30 min workouts changing my bad habits, weight and health but after meeting with Marcos, his knowledge of workout techniques, and ability to make each workout do its job + fun at the same time has really helped me get healthier. He has sessions early in the morning and right before dinner for all the regular 9-5 workers, but for me I liked that he offered private sessions that accommodated my swing shift work schedule. The 1 on 1 also allowed the session intensity to be catered to my beginning level fitness to my current stamina of more intermediate to advanced workouts. Since I haven’t been able to stick to an exercise routine since my high school swim team days, it was really hard just getting myself to the gym before/after work, when I did, I’d over work myself by staying there for 2-3 hours and end up so sore I couldn’t get myself to go back again for weeks/months. With these sessions, I actually felt my body working hard but not feel like broken pieces after each session, it made me look forward to my next ones. His workouts are never boring and I was able to learn which workouts were more effective when targeting area’s I wanted toned down the most and when to stop so I don’t over exert myself. Aside from having a genuine, encouraging trainer here, the equipment is new and clean! The workouts I was taught made me sweat more in 30 minutes than when I’ve been at the gym for 2 hours. I also have to credit Marcos for teaching me how to jog, I was never able to jog a full lap at Almansor Park because of my breathing but since he got me a heart rate monitor I’ve seen such huge changes! I’ve worked on it enough the past month to get myself to jog up to 5 miles after getting off work at 10pm! I constantly end up surprising myself with my determination in comparison to how I felt about working out before, but after seeing results that’s what ends up happening. I just got back from my vacation to Kauai and I’m still shocked that I felt physically fit enough to repel off a 30 foot water fall, kayak over 2 miles down a river and hike (or more like climb rocks) up a 4 mile trail on the Na Pali Coast! Getting fit and feeling healthy really gives you the motivation to take on new challenges you thought you could never do. I wish I invested in a trainer sooner, and of course I’ll be Marcos. Thank you!
If you’re serious about getting healthy it’s never too late! Make an appointment, and try a session you won’t regret it!

Idania Jasso

Before Sayon Fitness, I would workout from home doing P90x and some running. That eventually got boring and i never pushed myself to my limit. I wanted a trainer. A person to kick my butt and change up the workouts to keep it interesting. That is when I found Sayon Fitness. I am in pain every time i leave. I cry at the thought of another set of mountain climbers or a squat with a chest press but it is all worth the results i have seen within the last 6 months. I have never been this strong or have looked forward to working out. Marcos has pushed me to work harder and has improved my form. Right when I am about to give up, he is there to push you because he does believe that you can do more. Lets put it this way, he even calls you when you miss to make sure that you are there...I mean what trainer does that? Not many but that is when you know your trainer actually cares if you show up.


Martha Rmrz-Lim

I started working out at Sayon Fitness four months prior to my wedding. The 30 minute HIIT work outs will give you results. Four months into training, my wedding dress (which I had purchased 2 sizes smaller) not only FIT, the dress fit me loose and had to be adjusted 2 additional inches. I couldn’t believe it!!

Prior to training with Marcos, I had completely given up hope on loosing weight. I had tried WW, my own unhealthy diets, and working out when I had time. It didn’t work! I simply had thrown in the towel until I made that phone call.

Marcos has pushed me to the limit and helped me reach and exceed my goal. I am now looking forward to running a 10k for the second time and training for a half marathon. Thank you Marcos!!”

Evelyn C.

I’ve never really been the type to commit to a fitness plan, but since I am getting married next year, I decided to look for a trainer that could whip me into shape. I signed up to Sayon Fitness about 3 months ago after reading all the awesome reviews, and its been one of the best decision I’ve made! Before Sayon Fitness, there was no gym or workout that could keep me motivated. I tired home workouts and the gym, but I would always get bored. You never get bored working out here because every workout is different and is only 30 minutes long. Its amazing how much gets done and how many calories get burned in those 30 minutes. The gym itself is clean and packed with all the equipment you need. Marcos, the trainer, is professional and and genuinely invested in your fitness goals. He focuses on form and he is always motivating me to work harder. The classes are small, which I like because I still get personal attention. I can already see the changes in my body since Ive started working out at Sayon Fitness and I am confident I am going to achieve my fitness goals for the wedding. I highly recommend this gym. Marcos is an awesome trainer!!! . I plan to continue training with him even after the wedding!!

Albert R.

This is the best work out I’ve ever done! I don’t have Lots of time during the day to work out now that I have 2 boys that I love spending time with. The 30 minute classes are awesome because I get in, get my work done, and get out…. still have time to go home and spend time with my wife and kids.What I love about the work outs is that they are never the same, they might target the same body parts on specific days, but the exercise is always different… Lots of variety so you never get bored and your muscles never get used to it. Classes are small so the trainer gets to spend more time making sure your form is correct.
I’ve been going to Sayon fitness for about 5 months now, and I don’t remember a particular day that I have not been sore… and it’s the good kind of sore. It goes to show that there is no repetitiveness so your muscles are always getting the best workout possible.I would recommend this to anybody, but especially to all you moms and dads that don’t have the one to two hours to spend at the gym.

Ralph S.

New Update; This weekend was a testimonial to what we can achieve by hard work and dedication, for the past 6 months I have been working with Sayon preparing myself for the toughest challenge of my life, the Tough Mudder Challenge, a 10 to 12 mile obstacle course designed for the British special forces, I was asked by many of my friends why would you want to put yourself through that, my answer today is because I can! 7-9-2012

I am both a member of a local gym and now Sayon Fitness. I joined Sayon a few months back on the suggestion of a friend, I had mentioned to him that I wanted to take my fitness to a new level although I also needed to shed a few lbs I need that extra push, Sayon’s method of training for 30 minutes at high intensity has taken me beyond my goal and now looking to achieve higher goals thank you!

I would like to thank Sayon Fitness for taking me to the next level of fitness and training. With his personal attention and diet tips, Marcos has taken me from being 40lbs heavier and out of shape to being 15lbs from reaching my goal weight, Marcos has a great talent for changing up the workouts, we never know what to expect when we walk in the door. I now truly understand how important it is to have a trainer that cares and understand your goal as much as you.

Monica Torres

I've always been very competitive within myself so when I was invited to go to Sayon Fitness, I had mixed emotions. I was told it was a different kind of workout..Challenging and intense. But when I showed up, I was ready. I was so pleased with the inviting atmosphere. No egos there, just straight focus. I take the early morning classes so that alone was tough at first. After my initial week, I signed up for a month and after a month I've continued for almost 3 months and plan to keep it going. The individual attention that Marcos provides with his knowledge of form and technique is great. I was seeking a challenge within myself and Sayon has brought that. It's an intense workout 3x a week 30 min a day. Perfect for busy individuals such as myself. You leave there feeling like you seriously kicked some ass. Marcos sees the potential in all his clients and pushes you and doesn't allow you to give up. Sayon has brought me challenges week in and week out and a confidence overall that continues to grow! The fact that I stick to my EARLY morning intense workout with Sayon means that i really believe in this place and would recommend  to anyone looking for a challenge.

Elizabeth LaSirena

 am absolutely 100% satisfied with this place!!  I’ve joined gyms before and I’m very athletic but I’ve not gotten results as I’m getting now.  Sayon Fitness challenges me even more!  I have to admit that my exercise routine got boring and I decided to join my friends after they raved about Marcos and his fitness center.  I now know what they were so happy about and I agree! I try to bring as many people here as I can.  After that, it’s up to them to decide. Most often than not, people stay because they see results!  Unlike some personal trainers, Marcos knows exactly what he is doing and you will see the results you want.  Of course it’s up to you to do the work.  Marcos will just show you how.

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